About Zangmo Alexander's Art 


For me, making art is joy, an opening into timeless essence, a voyage of discovery. Spiritual practice, everyday life and making art have evolved together, intimately informing and nurturing each other in mutual feedback throughout my life. Making art now supports my awareness meditation in a process which is also a spiritual practice. This has evolved over a lifetime of exploring my mind and engaging with the whole mysterious business of being an embodied consciousness. 


My own mixed media art practice is informed by meditation, mindfulness and eastern psychology. It investigates ways of  'picturing' mind, freely combining drawing, painting, photography, monoprint, video, image and text, collage, asemic writing and artist’s book making as a support for meditation and mindfulness.


This process includes uncovering, contemplating and creatively expressing from layers of experience including sensory and energetic perception, conditioned conceptual thinking such as story lines, memory, feelings, emotion; grasping at self and identity, the spiritual; and subtle qualities of spaciousness, timeless awareness, emptiness, love and compassion. 

My interest is as much in the process of inquiry through making, meditating, contemplating, reflecting and documenting as in the product at the end. Recently receiving funding to develop a project Awakening Through Creativity over a period of a year, I have the opportunity to work more intensively on my own art-meditation practice including reflecting on and documenting processes and outcomes.


This ongoing, in depth documentation is also forming the basis for writing a book on the subject alongside developing a mindful art course and art and secular mindfulness resources for educators and therapists.

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